Why men should do Pilates


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Why men should do Pilates…


Slowly but surely the times are changing and I can happily acknowledge that more and more men are finding their way into the Pilates studio. This are great news, but it would be even better, if more men would give it a go. All too often I get a skeptical look from them when talking about Pilates. The perception is it’s not ‚manly’ enough…


„Isn’t Pilates only for women?“

I hear this often and the answer is a resounding NO! Pilates is just as good for men as it is for women. Try it out before passing judgement. With some luck, this blog might convince you to give it a go. 


Josef Pilates was a man!

The Pilates Method was created almost 100 years ago by a man - Mr. Joseph Pilates. 

He called his method ‚Contrology‘ and practiced it himself for decades, which probably helped him to stay fit, strong and agile into his later years.

I can assure you that most men who gave Pilates a try, were rather surprised after their first session how strenuous it was. They all discovered a few ‚new’ muscles in their bodies.


Please explain Pilates to me!

So what is Pilates and what are the benefits? 

Pilates is a full body training concept, which takes place on a mat or on specially designed Pilates machines. The focus is always on the deep core muscles. And while we are talking about the ‚core‘ we can bust another myth: your core strength has nothing to do with the amount of sit-ups you can do.

Every exercise will be performed with utmost control, focused on the muscles that are (or should be) working in unison with your breathing.

I can promise you one thing: You will feel your muscles!

The Pilates machines: These are impressive looking contraptions that look like torture instruments but instead allow smooth, controlled movement against resistant springs or your own body weight. 

Training on these machines can be individually adjusted to the needs of every client. Young or old, super fit or movement beginner - everyone gets challenged, but not overstrained. 

Would it help convince you, if I told you that well known professional athletes such as Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods are using the Pilates method to compliment their specific training?


What benefits can you expect?


Your deep torso muscles will be strengthened

The goal is to control the movement, without using momentum. It’s coming from your center, otherwise known as your core. 


You’ll find muscles you didn’t even know you had.

During a Pilates session all your small muscles have to work. They usually get little attention, but are just as important as the big ones. They improve your posture and prevent injuries. A better alignment will take a load off your big muscles.



Generally speaking, most men are less flexible than women. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but in most cases it’s true. Pilates is a great way to work on your strength and on your flexibility.

To „Strengthen & Lengthen“ is the goal. We will improve your range of motion, which you will notice in your every day life.


Body awareness

Your body awareness, developed through regular Pilates training, will improve. Any sporting activity you do will benefit from this. 

It should be less important how much weight you can lift, but rather to lift it properly without getting injured. 

You will train much slower in a Pilates session, this is to isolate certain muscles and to feel precisely which muscles you are using to perform a certain movements. 


Stress reduction

While moving slowly, you will focus on yourself and your breathing rhythm. 

Pilates requires concentration to achieve correct execution of the exercises. There is no time to think about external issues. It is time for yourself, to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for stress reduction and relaxation.

You will leave the Pilates studio relaxed, focused and more upright.


No more back pain!

Make Pilates your new routine. No matter how long and/or exhausting your day was, it will make you a better runner, ease or prevent your back pain and reduce the risk of injuries during high impact sports. 


Just give it a go, you won’t regret it. I look forward to see you for your first Pilates session.


Yours, Karina


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