Outdoor Personal Training in Salzburg
ausführliche Gesundheits-Anamnese vor Trainingsbeginn, um das Training perfekt auf jeden Klienten anpassen zu können und sicher zu trainieren
Personal Training für eine gesunde Fitness
Training für einen starken Rücken und eine aufrechte Haltung

Personal training requires a multi-level approach to achieve the goal of improving your health, well being and quality of life.

Each of us is unique. By listening to you and understanding your goals, preferences and potential, we will design a personalised training concept that fits within your lifestyle.

It is suitable for any age group.
The training is individually adapted to your needs and therefore effective & efficient.

But it is not just about the training. I care about your health in general. Are your hormones in balance? Does your nutrition or stress management need further attention.? You’ll receive an ‚allround-service‘

Your body and health are worth it.

I could convince you?

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