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Salzburg and its surroundings invite an active and sporty lifestyle.

I am Karina - Your Trainer - and I will take care of your fitness, health & wellbeing…

…. so you can live life to the fullest.
Invest in your health.


No matter your age, a healthy lifestyle and top physical condition is essential.
Work and family demands are high, pushing stress levels up. Most of us spend too much time sitting which is crucial to counter balance. The sooner you start to look after your body and health the better.

I specialize in recognizing the unique needs of my clients and work with them to achieve improvement. My strategy is to implement a holistic, functional & health orientated approach to the training with the right balance of stability & mobility.


The training sessions will take place mostly at the ‚inBewegung‘ Studio in Salzburg Anif.. The modern and friendly facilities make you feel instantly welcome. To vary the training, depending on the clients needs, I like to switch between the Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair and Springboard), cable pull and other small equipment.
To get you fit after injury or disease and to increase your strength and abilty, I work in close co-operation with the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at inBewegung.

Training at your house or a nearby park is also an option.

When I went to Karina, I could barely stand up straight, thanks to a spinal condition. I couldn’t exercise. Within a matter of days, Karina had me feeling better. Within a few months, she had me pain-free, with a strengthening core, and exercising regularly. Without exaggeration, I owe my physical health to Karina.


Ciao Karina, a super thank you for your support on this amazing 28-day Detox program. We feel much better, like a major clean up, it gave us such a great satisfaction been able to do it and to have fun while doing it. We are definitely continuing a more focused health life. We have found the right balance on food and understood that we were just over feeding ourselves. Best regards


I’ve enjoyed some excellent group Pilates sessions with Karina and can highly recommend her professionalism.

Greg M.

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